Creation Make up Neo, 4g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation Make Up Neo, 4g

Intensive colour character, efficient to use

Perfectly mixed, coloured and corrected: the universally usable stains range Make up Neo from the new CreaColor System is an ideal "ceramics make-up case"€ for internal and external colouring, but also for admixing to layering ceramics and for characterising zirconium dioxide.

The 17 ceramic stains are available in ready-to-use paste form and display a very even consistency or a very fine degree of staining - for thin layer application and a homogeneous ceramic surface.

Place colour nuances - naturally beautiful and simple: the 13 paste ceramic glazes have very high fluorescence and colour intensity while the 4 dentine-coloured glazes provide excellent cover and are ideal for colour corrections and for staining pressed ceramic. Very effective nuances can be placed with the three effect stains - for more in-depth individualisation.

  • Internal staining of pressed or fired dentine cores
  • External staining of all pressed ceramics
  • External staining of all layered ceramics
  • Admixing for intensifying or individualising layered ceramic
  • Characterising zirconium dioxide (with the aid of Frame Shade FS NT)
  • Make up Neo universal and individual - down to the smallest detail

Stains and modifiers for all ceramics

The new CreaColor is a complete “two in one” colour system which can be used to place individual colour nuances simply and efficiently for all ceramic surfaces and materials – whether by the internal or external staining technique.

The physical properties of the high-quality stains and modifiers are so perfectly matched to the ceramics surfaces and materials that they can be worked universally with all layering and pressed ceramics, pressed or fired dentine cores as well as zirconium dioxide frames – after all, colour creativity should be unlimited.

Furthermore, the new stains are extremely fine-grained and fluorescent and they can readily be mixed with each other.

Make Up Neo Manual download