Creation Moisturing Liquid, 25ml

Creation Willi Geller

Creation Moisturing Liquid, 25ml

No more drying out when layering

Long-lasting moisture for all ceramics: the new Moisturing Fluid from Creation is used for extensive restorations and complex correction firings as a mosturising medium for the applied ceramic.

The chemical composition of the universal Moisturing Fluid has been adjusted so that it can be used for all ceramic systems from Creation. It is used in addition to the particular modeling fluid being used in order to lengthen the working time of mixed layering ceramics. The ceramic already applied to the frame will not dray out as quickly, becomes more plastic and can therefore be applied more specifically.

  • For more efficiency and precision when layering
  • Control moisture level
  • Longer modeling time
  • No more drying out, the ceramics remain consistently figuline
  • Efficient and simple: one Moisturing Fluid for all ceramics
  • Longer working time for mixed materials - especially for sizable work
  • Targeted application due to controllable moisture content