Creation TD / Transition Dentine Basic porcelains, Kit

Creation Willi Geller

Creation TD / Transition Dentine Basic porcelains, Kit

Higher translucency gives deep insight

The Transition Dentines are special ceramics for Creation CC and Creation CP, whose translucency ensures a gentle transition between dentine and incisal materials – in both anterior and posterior restorations.

Natural aesthetics from the depths: the complementary Transition Dentines can be used either directly by applying the standard layering technique or as a smooth transitional layer between conventional dentine and incisal ceramics or between pressed dentine cores made of Creation CP and incisal/transparent materials. When using the veneer, inlay and onlay technique, they also ensure a harmonious colour gradient between natural tooth and restoration.

Simple and efficient: The Transition Dentines from Creation have excellent homogenity and provide high and stable shadereliability – for a perfect chameleon effect with depth. The highquality Transition Dentines, available in one bleach and 16 standard shades, are supplied in individual 20 gram and 50 gram bottles and also as a range in all the shades.

Transition Dentines – because naturalness comes from depth!


  • Special materials for a natural colour gradient between dentine and incisal
  • Can be used as a dentine layer in the standard layering technique (Creation Smart)
  • Compatible with all ceramics in the Creation CC and CP range
  • Easy to handle because of high stability during modeling
  • Natural depth effect thanks to increased translucency
  • Cost-effective working thanks to simplified layeringapproach
  • Firing temperature: 920°C
  • CTE:  13.3

    Kit contents:

    • 16 Opaque Dentine OD A1-D4
    • 16 Dentine D A1-D4
    • 4   Enamel E-57-60
    • 2   Transpa NT,OT
    • 1   Clear CL-O
    • 1   Glaze GL
    • 2   Modeling Liquide ML-H
    • 1   Universal & Glaze Liquide
    • 1   Shade Guides
    • 1   CC Color Chart
    • 1   CC Manuel