Creation VC / Composite Flow Dentine HT, 3.1g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation VC / Composite Flow Dentine HT, 3.1g

Creation VC – definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Creation VC is a light-curing, modular structured composite complete system with a wide range of indications – whether metal-supported or metal-free, for the flask technique (press and injection method) or for combination with the Creopal Shells.

Creation VC Flow: optimal handling and first-class aesthetics

Creation VC flow is a first-class composite with excellent stability, polishing characteristics and versatility which can be used for restoration of all kind.

Its unique filler technology results in a high filler content and a uniform distribution of the fillers.

Creation VC Flow is best suitable for the creation of indirect composite restorations and it is the perfect completion to Creation VC Paste. In addition, the Creation VC Flow materials can perfectly be combined with the Creopal teeth and the Creopal shell veneering shells. Thus, they allow the realisation of modern therapy concepts such as the creation of implant-supported protheses. Very complex restorations can consequently be created forecasted and efficiently. The results are durable tooth restorations wit outstanding aesthetics.

The specially designed ergonomic tip with coating allows an easy application with controlled dosage of the flow materials. In the injection technique, they can be injected into a hollow mould like a flowable composite, but they can also be layered like a classic composite.

The Creation VC Flow materials can be mixed and combined with Creation VC Make up Neo for an individual adjustment and a better aesthetic result.

A special highlight is given by the Flow dentins, which can be modeled thanks to their excellent application and modeling properties, as well as the wide range of natural gingiva materials and make-up stains – for lively-looking aesthetics in red and white!

The Brilliance of Creation VC:

  • Natural-looking aesthetics due to micro-hybrid filler structure/hybrid MFR technology
  • A wide variety of indications for metal-supported and metal-free indications
  • Perfect matched combinations with Creopal Shells
  • High mechanical strength and resilience
  • Different viscosities
  • Natural color effect and light dynamics