Creation VC / Composite Gingiva (G), 4.5g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation VC / Composite Gingiva (G), 4.5g

Creation VC – definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Creation VC is a light-curing, modular structured composite complete system with a wide range of indications – whether metal-supported or metal-free, for the flask technique (press and injection method) or for combination with the Creopal Shells.

Creation VC Gingiva is excellently suitable for the lifelike reproduction of the gingiva tissue.

Paste (Creation VC Gingiva)

Composite in paste-like consistency. The shades were developed according to the requirements of natural, multi-cultural gingiva shades. Creation VC Gingiva can be used separately or in combination with Creation VC Gingiva Modifiers.