Creation VC / Composite Gingiva Kit, Kit

Creation Willi Geller

Creation VC / Composite Gingiva Kit, Kit

Creation VC – definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Creation VC is a light-curing, modular structured composite complete system with a wide range of indications – whether metal-supported or metal-free, for the flask technique (press and injection method) or for combination with the Creopal Shells.

VC Complete Gingiva colors and primers

Creation VC Gingiva is excellently suitable for the lifelike reproduction of the gingiva tissue.

The assortment is available in three consistencies:

  • Opaque (Creation VC Gingiva Opaque)
  • Paste (Creation VC Gingiva) and
  • Flowable (Creation VC Gingiva Modifier and Translucent Gel).

White its opaques and the layering materials in two different consistencies, the light-curing composite enables manifold option for a lifelike reproduction of the oral mucosa.

Veins can be imitated with fine fibres to be added into the veneering. The anatomic principles have to be obeyed for a reproduction close to nature.

For example, the area of the keratinised gingiva has to be designed in light pink due to the normally reduction blood circulation int this part. In Contrast, however, the mucogingival area has a stronger blood circulation and is intensely veined. 

More vibrant read aesthetics: with the gingiva color kit, all areas of the gums can be reproduced easily and in a natural looking manner. The materials are available in three viscosities (liquid, pasty and gel) – for homogeneous priming, easy application, mixability as well as very thin layer thicknesses! Whereby the flowable opaquer is characterised by its exceptional opacity and ease of processing. The pasty VC Gingiva materials can be used individually, mixed or in combination with other shades, while the gel-like modifiers are ideal for use in small spaces and with thin layer thicknesses due to their viscosity. 

Kit contents:

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