Creation VC / Composite Neck Transpa (HT), 4.5g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation VC / Composite Neck Transpa (HT), 4.5g

Creation VC – definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Creation VC is a light-curing, modular structured composite complete system with a wide range of indications – whether metal-supported or metal-free, for the flask technique (press and injection method) or for combination with the Creopal Shells.

The Neck Transpa materials can be used in the cervical area as well as in all other areas of the restoration. The name “Neck Transpa” derives from the highly translucent color which can often be seen at the tooth neck of natural teeth. These materials can create interesting shade hues depending on the placement on the restoration. The following examples describe possible applications of the material which van be developed further in practice. The materials can be used pure as well as mixed with dentines or enamels.

  • HT-52 khaki: pure in the incisal area of an anterior restoration or as wash material in the occlusal area.
  • HT-53 sand: pure or mixed with enamel material especially suitable for the occlusal or incisal area.
  • HT-54 honey: to achieve darker shades, this color can be mixed with enamel materials and be used in the incisal, cervical or occlusal area of the restoration.

Brilliant colors, natural light dynamic, and high processing and system quality: Creation VC is a modern microhybrid composite that not only offers unsurpassed mechanical stability but also outstanding light-optical properties.

Based on hybrid MFR technology and the tried-and tested color-coding concept, it offers the dental technicians a comprehensive and versatile composite system with a total of 102 individual materials.

A special highlight is given by the Flow dentins, which can be modeled thanks to their excellent application and modeling properties, as well as the wide range of natural gingiva materials and make-up stains – for lively-looking aesthetics in red and white!

In short, the modular Creation VC system offers he dental technician a virtually unlimited numbers of color and structural combinations as well as a wide range of different consistencies and processing options.

Thanks to the non-adhesive consistency and balanced viscosity, the new composite material is ideal for modeling and can be polished to a fine shine.

The Brilliance of Creation VC:

  • Natural-looking aesthetics due to micro-hybrid filler structure/hybrid MFR technology
  • A wide variety of indications for metal-supported and metal-free indications
  • Perfect matched combinations with Creopal Shells
  • High mechanical strength and resilience
  • Different viscosities
  • Natural color effect and light dynamics