Creation VC / Make up Neo Universal Stains bottles, 2.6ml

Creation Willi Geller

Creation VC / Make up Neo Universal Stains bottles, 2.6ml

Creation VC – definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Creation VC is a light-curing, modular structured composite complete system with a wide range of indications – whether metal-supported or metal-free, for the flask technique (press and injection method) or for combination with the Creopal Shells.

Ingeniously simple and versatile: the fine-grained, nano-filled stains and modifiers can be used to create color nuances easily and efficiently – be it for internal or external (glazing) characterisation of the layer structures.

To provide more efficiency and versatility, the VC Make up Neo materials are also suitable for palatal modification of the Creopal denture teeth and shells.

The special nano-filler technology ensures optimum distribution of the particles and thus high abrasion and color fastness – despite thin layer thicknesses. In many cases, mechanical polishing can be dispensed with or shortened considerably.

The Brilliance of Creation VC:

  • Natural-looking aesthetics due to micro-hybrid filler structure/hybrid MFR technology
  • A wide variety of indications for metal-supported and metal-free indications
  • Perfect matched combinations with Creopal Shells
  • High mechanical strength and resilience
  • Different viscosities
  • Natural color effect and light dynamics


  • MUN A stain A
  • MUN B stain B
  • MUN C stain C
  • MUN 1 white
  • MUN 2 eggshell
  • MUN 3 lemon yellow
  • MUN 4 mandarine
  • MUN 7 light brown
  • MUN 8 medium brown
  • MUN 9 olive
  • MUN 10 red
  • MUN 11 blue
  • MUN 12 grey
  • MUN IL Illusion
  • MUN G gingiva
  • MUN CL clear 5ml
  • MUN CL clear h.c. 5ml