Creation ZI-CT / Neck Transpa (HT), 15g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation ZI-CT / Neck Transpa (HT), 15g

The Neck Translucent powders (HT) can be used in the cervical area as well as in other areas of a restoration. The Name "Neck Translucent"€ is derived from the rich translucent colour we often see in the neck area of natural teeth. HT's can create subtle nuances of colour depending upon where they are placed in the build-up. 

  •  Firing temperature: 910°C
  • CTE:   8.8

Available in 6 shades:

HT-51 iridescent, HT-52 khaki, HT-53 sand, HT-54 honey, HT-55 bordeaux, HT-56 ochre