Creation ZI-CT / Pearl Enamel (PS), 20g

Creation Willi Geller

Creation ZI-CT / Pearl Enamel (PS), 20g

The Pearl Enamels are of similar translucency, perhaps slightly less translucent, than the standard Enamels. This means that they are less translucent than most of the SI and TI powders. The have strong opalescence and a lustre of sheen unlike any other translucent powder in the Creations system.

  • Use Pearl Enamels to raise value on bright shades.
  • Use to highlight mesial and distal line angles.
  • Use to frost occlusal ridges.
  • Can be used as a thin overlay or underlay
  • There is no special firing or handling requirements for Pearl Enamels
  •  Firing temperature: 910°C
  • CTE:   8.8

Available in 4 shades:

PS-0 white, PS-1 blue/white, PS-2 flamingo, PS-3 orange